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Model: CPAK-100G-PSM4= – Cisco 100 Gigabit Optical Modules
Detail: CPAK optical transceiver module, PSM4 500m SMF, parallel

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This Cisco Optics Modules QSFP-100G-PSM4-S viable QSFP28 handset gives 100GBase-PSM4 throughput up to 500m over single-mode fiber (SMF) utilizing a frequency of 1310nm by means of a MPO connector. It is destined to be 100% viable with the same Cisco handset. This simple to introduce, hot-swappable handset has been customized, interestingly serialized and information traffic and application tried to guarantee that it will instate and perform indistinguishably. Computerized optical observing (DOM) uphold is additionally present to permit admittance to constant working boundaries. This handset is Trade Agreements Act (TAA) consistent.

Main Features


100 Gigabit Ethernet


MPO single-mode

up to 1640 ft

1310 nm

TAA Compliant

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CPAK-100G-PSM4= Specification

Description 100GBASE PSM4 Cisco CPAK Module for SMF
Dimensions 11.6 x 34.8 x 101.2 mm (0.46 x 1.37 x 3.98 in)

Cisco CPAK port cabling specifications

Wavelength (nm) 1295 to 1325
Cable Type SMF (12 fibers)
Core Size (Microns) 9-micron core SMF per G.652
Modal Bandwidth (MHz*km)
Cable Distance 500 m

Optical transmit and receive specifications

Transmit Power Max:+2.0 per lane

Min:-9.4 per lane

Receive Power (dBm) Max:+9.4 per lane

Min:-2.0 per lane

Transmit and Receive Center Wavelength Range (nm) Four lanes: 1295 to 1325
Supported Mode 1x100G
Supported Protocol IEEE 802.3ba

Environmental conditions and power requirements

Storage temperature -40 to 85° C (-40 to 185° F)
Operating temperature 0 to 70° C (32 to 158° F)
Power consumption At 70° C: <9.0W maximum