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Structured Data & Cabling Services In Dubai

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There is no doubt that Structured Cabling is vital to our IT network. Because it delivers data, audio, and other visual signals correctly, on which our most critical business activities rely. Though Structured Cabling Data and Voice may be the smallest component of your network, it serves as a critical and ongoing cycle. This provides exceptional long-term benefits.

Gear Net Technologies is one of the finest companies Structured Cabling in Dubai .

Kindly contact for wholesale inquiries. All orders placed within the UAE qualify free delivery. You may call us at +971 4 2409 998/ Whatsapp: +971585811786 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Structured Data Cabling

There is no doubt that cabling plays a lifeline role in our IT network. Because it flawlessly transmits data, voice, and other video signals upon which our most crucial business activities are depended. Though cabling might be the smallest part of your network it acts as a pivotal and lifelong cycle. This delivers special long term rewards.

With a vivid vision to circulate our astounding services all over the world, Gear Net Technologies was established. With this unwavering vision, we are spearheading the IT surveillance system sector and network service-providing sector. We are one of the topmost and trusted Network and Structured Cabling companies in Dubai that provides high-quality network architecture crossways UAE.

Gear Net Technologies have been among the best organizations that deal with Data Cabling Installation for Etialat and DU services along with Structured Cabling in Dubai. The company takes pride in being registered with the top telecom service providers in Dubai such as Etisalat & DU. The registration provides access to the online portal of the Etisalat & DU service providers.

We offer our customers with the precise cabled structures as per the Etisalat protocols. Moreover, we also possess wired structures as per the DU’s specifications. Gear Net Technologies is a leading data cabling company that holds a permit from TRA to sell with data and voice cabling. We also provide a large range of structured cables such as CAT6A, CAT6, CAT7 Cables. These categories embrace LSZH cables, PVC Cables, Outdoor Cables, FTP & STP cables, Speaker Cables, and much more.

A broad spectrum of Network Services that we provide:

Complete Data Center Built-out Cable Custom Bundling
Backbone Installation, Wire Management  Documentation & Testing
Cords & Inner-duct Tubing Existing Structured Cabling Systems Maintenance
Data & Voice Cable Installations Cat5,5e, 6, 7 Add/Change/Moves
Communication Room Installation Dry Riser Installation & Services
Fiber Optic Cable Installation  Single & Multimode Data Cabling
Patch Panel Installation Testing & Tracking Cables
Network Switch Installations Labeling & Commissioning Of Cables
Remote Access to Networks

Our cutting-edge Voice & Data Cabling Services (CAT5, CAT5E, AND CAT6 FT61) are:-

  • Phone Cabling and Programming
  • Data Cabling and Networking
  • Redesign Network Cabling & Expand Existing Network
  • Introduce Cable For Voice Over IP & Standard Telephone System
  • Arrangement Driven Link Folks To Give Onsite Solutions

Additionally, Gear Net Technologies’ Structured Cabling Installation include:

Wireless Network Home Networking
Audio-Visual Speaker Cabling Telephone Cabling
CCTV Cabling Data Cabling
Fiber Optic Technician Dubai

So, join hands with us and experience full-fledge flawless network systems!

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