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Huawei RH1288 V2 Rack Server

Model: Huawei RH1288 V2 Rack Server
Detail: Huawei RH1288 V2 rack server, Intel Xeon E5-2600 or E5-2600 V2 series CPU, 24 DDR3 DIMMs, RAID, Energy efficiency, 7 hot-swappable fan modules, 2 hot-swappable power supplies

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Huawei RH1288 V2 rack server

The Huawei RH1288 V2 rack server is intended for high-performance computing and cloud applications. This high-performance 1U rack server supports 2*Intel Xeon E5-2600 or Intel Xeon E5-2600 V2 series CPUs, 24*DDR3 RDIMMs/LRDIMMS slots with a memory capacity of up to 768GB, 8*2.5″ SAS/SATA HDDs or SSDs, or 4*3.5″ SAS or SATA HDDs. Huawei RH1288 V2 rack server can support two or four GE ports or two 10 GE ports while taking up no PCIe slots, therefore increasing network availability. Furthermore, dynamic energy-saving and power-capture systems limit server power usage to a predetermined threshold, boosting total energy efficiency.

About Gear Net technologies

We provide the latest Huawei Rack servers ideal for high-density deployment scenarios for workloads such as cloud computing, virtualization, high-performance computing (HPC), and big data processing. Huawei RH1288 V2 rack server improves space utilization for data centers. 

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Huawei RH 1288 V2 server Specifications

CPU The server supports two Intel Xeon® E5-2600 (Sandy Bridge-EP) series CPUs.

One or two CPUs of quad-core, six-core, or eight-core

Highest CPU frequency: 3.3 GHz

Maximum power consumption of each CPU: 135 W

Maximum L3 cache of each CPU: 20 MB


The performance of the 135 W CPU may deteriorate when one fan fails.

The server supports two Intel Xeon® E5-2600 v2 (Ivy Bridge-EP) series CPUs.

One or two CPUs of 4/6/8/10/12 cores

Highest CPU frequency: 3.5 GHz

Maximum power consumption of each CPU: 130 W

Maximum L3 cache of each CPU: 30 MB


The performance of the 130 W CPU may deteriorate when one fan fails.

Two CPUs are connected through two QuickPath buses of full bandwidth. Each link provides a unidirectional transmission rate of up to 8.0 GT/s.

Memory Maximum number of double data rate 3 (DDR3) DIMMs: 24

Maximum memory capacity: 768 GB

Capacity of a single DIMM: 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, or 32 GB

Memory speed: DDR3 800/1066/1333/1600/1866 MHz

Storage NOTE:

The total storage capacity of the server is different along with the single hard disk most large-capacity.

The server supports two types of hard disk configurations:

RH1288 V2-8S: supports eight 2.5-inch SAS HDDs, SATA HDDs, or SSDs at the front.

RH1288 V2-4L: supports four 3.5-inch SAS HDDs or SATA HDDs at the front.

The following information lists the total storage capacity of eight 2.5-inch hard disks:



SSD: 4.8 TB

The following information lists the total storage capacity of four 3.5-inch hard disks:



Hard disks are hot-swappable.

SAS HDDs, SATA HDDs, and SSDs can be installed in one chassis.

The server supports RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 6, and 60. It supports iBBU battery protection, RAID state migration, RAID configuration memory, self-diagnosis, and web-based configuration.

The mainboard can be configured with an Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) card or an SAS RAID controller card (with the maximum 1 GB cache) for improving hard disk storage performance and protecting user data.

RAID controller cards do not occupy standard PCIe slots, which ensures high scalability for the system.

Chipset Intel® C602 chipset.
Network port Four types of NICs are supported, providing the following network ports:

Two GE electrical ports, supporting Network Controller Sideband Interface (NCSI), Wake on LAN (WOL), Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE).

Four GE electrical ports, supporting NCSI, WOL, PXE.

Two 10GE optical ports, supporting NCSI, PXE.

Two 10GE electrical ports, supporting NCSI, WOL, PXE.

I/O port One onboard DVD-ROM/DVD-RW connector

Five USB 2.0 ports: two on the front panel, two on the rear panel, and one on the mainboard

One USB flash port on the mainboard

One VGA port on the front panel for the RH1288 V2-8S and none for the RH1288 V2-4L; one VGA port on the rear panel for either server

One RS232 port on the rear panel

One RJ45 management port on the rear panel

DVD-ROM drive DVD-ROM/DVD-RW drive, optional when the server is RH1288 V2 (8 hard disks).
Expansion slots A maximum of three PCIe cards are supported:

One standard PCIe slot of full height and full length

One standard PCIe slot of half height and half length

One non-standard PCIe slot for installing a RAID controller card

The PCIe slots support the Huawei PCIe iNIC to improve the I/O bandwidth and throughput.

The PCIe slots support one Huawei PCIe SSDs for search, cache, and download services to greatly improve the I/O performance.

The PCIe expansion slots support the GPUs, such as Quadro 2000.

Certification Including CCC, CE, FCC, IC, VCCI, and C-tick

Environmental specifications

Dimensions (H x W x D) 43.6 mm (1 U) x 447 mm x 740 mm (1.72 in. x 17.60 in. x 29.92 in.)
Installation dimensions The rack server can be installed in a common rack that complies with the IEC 297 standard:

Width: 19 inches

Depth: > 1000 mm (39.37 inches)

Guide rail installation requirements are as follows:

L-shaped guide rail: applies only to Huawei cabinets.

Adjustable guide rail: The distance between the front rear mounting bars is 557 mm to 862 mm.

Rated power The rated power for compatible PSUs:

460 W

750 W

800 W

Weight (in full configuration) Net weight:

Eight 2.5-inch HDDs: 19.6 kg (43.22 lb)

Four 3.5-inch HDDs: 20 kg (44.10 lb)

Packing material weight: 5.3 kg (11.68 lb)

Rated input voltage AC: 100 to 240 V AC

DC: -48 V DC to -60 V DC


The recommended current specification for the external power circuit breaker connected to the server is 32A.

AC module Emerson 800W-AC(EPW800W-AC) and DC modules not support the high tension directing current.

Temperature Operating temperature: 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F)

Storage temperature: -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)

The temperature change rate is smaller than 20°C (36°F)/h.

Long-term storage temperature: 21°C to 27°C (69.8°F to 80.6°F)

Altitude ≤ 3000 m (9842 ft). When the altitude is higher than 900 m (2952.72 ft), the operating temperature decreases by 1°C (1.8°F) per 300 m (984.24 ft).
Humidity Operating humidity: 8% to 90% RH (non-condensing)

Storage humidity: 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)

The humidity change rate is smaller than 20% RH/h.

Long-term storage humidity: 30% RH to 69% RH (non-condensing)

Acoustic Noise The data listed in the following is the declared A-weighted sound power levels (LWAd) and declared average bystander position A-weighted sound pressure levels (LpAm) when the server is operating in a 23°C (73.4°F) ambient environment. Noise emissions are measured in accordance with ISO 7999 (ECMA 74) and declared in accordance with ISO 9296 (ECMA 109).


LWAd: 6.0 Bels

LpAm: 43.0 dBA


LWAd: 6.7 Bels

LpAm: 50.1 dBA


The actual sound levels generated during server operating vary depending on the server configuration, load, and ambient temperature.