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Huawei E6000H Blade Server Chassis

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Model: Huawei E6000H Blade Server Chassis
Detail: Huawei E6000H Blade Server Chassis, 10 slots, computing, switching, storage, I/O, and management, energy-efficient

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Huawei E6000H Blade Server Chassis Specification

Form Factor

8U blade server chassis

Server Blades

10 slots for Huawei BH series server blades

Switch Modules

●   NX910 GE pass through module
●   NX120 4G FC switch module
●   NX220 8G FC switch module
●   NX226 8G FC pass through module
●   NX112 10 GE uplink switch module
●   NX113 10 GE uplink switch module
●   NX230 10 GE switch module


Up to 6 hot-swappable PSUs:
● AC: 1,600W
● -48V DC: 1,300W
*Redundancy: N+N or N+M
*Note: N+N redundancy is not supported on PSUs when the server is fully configured with BH640 V2 server blades.

Fan Modules

9 hot-swappable fan modules in N+1 redundancy mode


2 management modules in 1+1 redundancy mode
Supported protocols: IPMI 2.0, SOL, SSL, and SSH
Supports CLI, IPMI tools, RMCP+, and Web for management

Power Supply

110V AC to 220V AC, or -48V DC

Operating Temperature

5°C to 35°C


Height: 353 mm (13.90 in.)
Width: 447 mm (17.60 in.)
Depth: 810 mm (31.89 in.)


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