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Model: C2960X-FIBER-STK – Cisco Switch Catalyst 2960 Module
Detail: Cisco FlexStack-Extended Fiber Module

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High-Performance for 2 Ports Stacking Module

The Cisco FlexStack-Extended Stacking Module (C2960X-FIBER-STK) is a high-performance stacking module that allows you to stack up to eight Cisco 2960-X switches together for a unified data and power management solution. This module provides a high-speed stacking bus that allows for the sharing of data and power between the switches in the stack, and enables you to easily manage and configure all switches in the stack as a single entity. This part is compatible with the Cisco 2960-X and 2960-XR series switches, and provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for deploying and managing large switch networks.

Benefits and Features

The Cisco FlexStack-Extended Stacking Module (C2960X-FIBER-STK) offers several benefits and features that make it a valuable addition to a Cisco 2960-X or 2960-XR series switch network.