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Dell Servers

Dell Servers

Dell PowerEdge is a server line by Dell, following the naming convention for other Dell products: the PowerVault (data storage) and the PowerConnect (data transfer & switches). Below is an overview of current and former servers within Dell’s PowerEdge product line.

Dell Blade Servers help minimize space and energy consumption. A blade server consists of a blade enclosure, which houses multiple blades, and the blades themselves. The blade enclosure provides power, cooling, and networking.

– The first number after the letter indicates the class of the system. With 1-3 being 1 CPU systems, 4 – 7 are 2 CPU systems, 8 can be 2 or 4 CPU’s and 9 is 4 CPUs. – The second number indicates the generation, with 0 for the 10th generation, 1 for the 11th generation, and so on.

Pretty much any computer can be used as a web server, provided it can connect to a network and run web server software. … In order for a system to act as a server, other machines need to be able to access it. If it is just for use in a LAN setup, there are no concerns.

The function of a computer server is to store, retrieve, and send computer files and data to other computers on a network. Many businesses use a local network to connect a number of computers.