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time attendance system dubai

Time Attendance System in Dubai

Biometric/Time Attendance System

Today, biometric attendance systems have become an integral part of every organization. The mobile workforce and agile work culture are the major factors behind the rising demand for biometric systems.

However, incorporating such systems into the office premises has a few hidden reasons behind it. These reasons can be anything like buddy punching, human error, faulty timekeeping and many more. Such issues largely affect the organization’s growth as well as its productivity.

Buy Biometric Attendance Machine in Dubai

Gear Net Technologies is the foremost organization that provides the top Access Control Systems in Dubai. We, at Gear Net Technologies, provide an extensive spectrum of access control systems that encompasses biometric machines, time attendance systems, biometric attendance system, fingerprint machines, door access control, and more.

Our door access control system, attendance punching machine, and biometric machine price are the best in the market. Additionally, our AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) service is always available for any support you need.

Biometric Attendance Machines and System for Office

It is important to incorporate a high quality and reliable time attendance system in your office to make sure that your office increases its productivity. If you are looking for biometric attendance machines, look no further than GNT. We have a high quality time attendance system and cutting edge biometric attendance solutions.

Moreover, having biometric systems installed at your business will give you:

  • Centralized time attendance management from various locations
  • Accurate Data for Payroll system
  • Cost-effective & real-time notifications for any exceptions, and many more such benefits

Why Buy Our Time Attendance System in UAE

Designed to Meet the Needs of UAE Businesses

Our Time Attendance System understands the UAE’s unique business context and is built in a way to provide effective management. We recognize the importance of various sectors, a diversified workforce, and adherence to local labor regulations.

Reliable Payroll Management

Payroll accuracy is important for UAE businesses. You may say goodbye to payroll-related problems with our Time Attendance System. The technology gathers attendance data in real-time, ensuring that your workers are fairly reimbursed for the hours they work.

Prevent Buddy Punching in Your Business

Buddy punching, in which one employee clocks in for another, is a regular issue. Our technology addresses this issue with biometric authentication, guaranteeing that each clock-in is real and authorized.

Labor Law Compliance

UAE labor regulations are stringent, and compliance is mandatory. Our Time Attendance System assists businesses in easily adhering to these rules by documenting all hours worked, including overtime, and creating compliance reports for government agencies.

Seamless Integration

Our technology works in harmony with your existing systems, including payroll software. This enables a smooth transition and minimal disturbance to your everyday activities.

Cost effectiveness

Investing in our Time Attendance System is a cost-effective option as you’ll save money over time by eliminating time theft, improving payroll operations, and assuring compliance.

Real Time Notifications

Our time attendance technology delivers notifications in real time for any attendance exceptions, allowing you to take prompt action and keep control over your staff.

Buy Time Attendance System in UAE

Streamline workflow and improve your staff management by incorporating our time attendance system and biometric attendance solutions.

We have competent time attendance systems that have keypad access, locks and accessories, as well as surveillance cameras. With enriching experience in the surveillance space, Gear Net Technologies has built a wide and trustworthy scope for all access control systems. We have been majorly spearheading the surveillance field in the Middle East and UAE regions. Get in touch with us at or WhatsApp:- +971585811786.