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Model: WS-C6513-CSMS-K9 Cisco 6500 Switch
Detail: CSM-S, 6513, Sup720 Bundle

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We offer Cisco WS-C6513-CSMS-K9 Switch At Gear Net Technologies. We provide the top product in UAE. We understand that switches are the foundation of most business networks, and how crucial they are for your workplace. Cisco Switches Need help finding the right switch? Scale to meet the needs of networks of all sizes with highly secure, reliable Cisco switching solutions.

The Cisco Catalyst 6500 series sets the new standard for IP Communications and application delivery in enterprise campus and service provider networks by maximizing user productivity and enhancing operational control. As the premier intelligent, multilayer modular Cisco switch, the Catalyst 6500 Series delivers secure, converged, end-to-end services, from the wiring closet to the core network, the data center, and the WAN edge. Switches are the establishment of most business organizations, and how critical they are for your work environment. Through Cisco Switches, gadgets associated with your organization can speak with each other and furthermore with different organizations effectively, much the same as the Internet. Cisco conveys a far-reaching arrangement of exchanging answers for Enterprise Networks, server farms, and more modest organizations. These arrangements are improved for a wide scope of enterprises, including specialist co-ops, monetary administrations, and the public area.

Cisco Catalyst 6513 Switch chassis is ideally suited for high-performance, high port density Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet aggregation in all parts of the network, including the access, distribution, and backbone layers as well as the server farm and data center environments. With up to 12 payload slots available, the 13-slot chassis offers industry-leading 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet port densities while providing high levels of network resilience. We also provide you with other Cisco Switches WS-C6513-VPN+-K9, WS-C6513-E, WS-C6513-CSM.

WS-C6513-CSMS-K9 Specification

CSM-S, 6513, Sup720 Bundle — WS-C6513-CSMS-K9 Cisco Catalyst Switch WS-C6513-CSMS-K9 Price, New Used

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