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Model: TE60-1080P60-00A – HD Video Conferencing Endpoints
Detail: Huawei TE60, Videoconferencing Terminal (1080P60, Remote Control, Cable Assembly)

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Huawei TE60 series specification




Super-sized conference rooms

People Video Resolution

1080p60 from 1 Mbit/s (optional)

1080p30 from 512 kbit/s

1080i60 from 512 kbit/s

720p50/60 from 512 kbit/s

720p25/30 from 384 kbit/s

Dual stream

Dual 1080p60 (optional); Dual 1080p30

Video Inputs

2 x HD-VI/DVI, 2 x DVI-I/HDMI/VGA/YPbPr, 1 x HDMI/DVI, 1 x 3G-SDI, and 1 x CVBS/S-VIDEO (DVI-I multiplex)

Video Outputs

2 x HDMI/DVI, 2 x DVI-I/HDMI/VGA/YPbPr, 1 x 3G-SDI, and 1 x CVBS/S-VIDEO (DVI-I multiplex)

Audio Inputs

2 x XLR, 2 x RCA, 1 x HDMI, 1 x HD-AI (Mic Array/Audio external)

Audio Outputs

4 x RCA, 2 x HDMI, and 2 x DVI-I (DVI converted to HDMI)

Other Interfaces

4E1 (Optional): G.703, G.704, 4 x RJ45; PSTN(#): 1 x RJ11

IP: 10/100/1,000 Base-T, 2 x RJ45

Wireless: Built-in Wi-Fi; 2 x RS232 COM, 2 x USB 2.0 Host




IP: 64 kbit/s to 8 Mbit/s
4E1: 64 kbit/s to 8 Mbit/s


Codec: 435 mm x 265.5 mm x 72.5 mm

Package: 545 mm x 355 mm x 220 mm

Net weight: 4.6 kg

Package weight: 6.8 kg


Working voltage: 100V to 240V AC

Working frequency: 50 Hz to 60 Hz

Power consumption: 150W

Embedded AC/DC power module

Huawei TE series specifications

Unit delivered complete with:

HD codec, remote control, cables, and power supply
Optional: HD camera, omni-array microphone or wireless microphone

Standards & Protocols

Standards and Protocols


Video Standards & Protocols

H.263, H.263+, H.264 BP, H.264 HP, H.264 SVC, and RTV

Audio Standards & Protocols

G.711, G.722, G.722.1, G.722.1C, G.728, G.719, G.729, G.729A, AAC-LD, and HWA-LD

Dual Stream


Other Standards

H.221, H.225, H.230, H.231, H.235, H.241, H.242, H.243, H.245, H.281, H.350, H.460, T.140, and DTMF

Network Standards & Protocols

TCP/IP, FTP, FTPS, DHCP, SNMP, Telnet, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS with SSL/TLS,  PPPoE, RTP, RTCP, SNTP, ARP, 802.1X, 802.1P, and 802.1Q

Video Specifications and Features

Content Video Resolutions

Input: VGA (640 x 480) @ 60/72/75/85 fps, SVGA (800 x 600) @ 56/60/72/75/85 fps, XGA (1,024 x 768) @ 60/70/75/85 fps, 1,152 x 864 @ 60/75/85 fps, 1,280 x 600 @ 60 fps, WXGA (1,280 x 768) @ 60/75/85 fps, WXGA (1,280 x 800) @ 60/75/85 fps, 1,280 x 960 @ 60/75/85 fps, SXGA (1,280 x 1,024) @ 60/75/85 fps, 1,360 x 768 @ 60 fps, 1,366 x 768 @ 60 fps, 1,440 x 900 @ 60 fps, XGA+ (1,400 x 1,050) @ 60 fps, 720p60/75/85, 1080p60, 1,600 x 900 @ 60 fps, 1,600 x 1,200 @ 60 fps, 1,680 x 1,050 @ 60 fps, and 1,920 x 1,200 @ 60 fps

Coding/Decoding resolution: 800 x 600, 1,024 x 768, 1,280 x 1,024, 1,280 x 720, 1,920 x 1,080, 1,600 x 1,200, and 1,920 x 1,200

Output: 800 x 600, 1,024 x 768, 1,280 x 1,024, 1,280 x 720, 1,920 x 1,080, 1,600 x 1,200, and 1,920 x 1,200

Other Video Features

Intelligent Face Detection Picture-in-Picture, Picture-outside-Picture

Video Motion Enhancement (VME) Video Intensifier View Processing

Audio Specifications and Features

Audio Features

Dual-channel AAC-LD Stereo

HWA-LD Stereo: Huawei Audio Broadband Low Delay Stereo

Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)

Acoustic Noise Suppression (ANS)

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

Voice Clear, Audio Enhancer

Lip synchronization

Security and Stability


H.235 signaling and media stream encryption

AES media stream encryption, dual-stream encryption

Administrator password, SSH/HTTPS

TLS and SRTP for SIP signaling and media stream encryption

Conference access password, conference control password

Firewall Traversal

H.460.18, H.460.19 firewall traversal, Static NAT, and SNP


Dual-stack IPv6 and IPv4

IP Precedence, Diffserv

Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) dialing

Super Error Concealment (SEC), Intelligent Rate Control (IRC)

Automatic Repeat reQuest (ARQ), Forward Error Correction (FEC), PLC

Application Features


Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Arabic, Swedish, Romanian, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Thai, Dutch, Malay, and Indonesian

Special Features

Voice Dialing in English and Chinese

USB auto data configuration

VGA bypass

Wireless Wi-Fi access

Air content sharing

Connect to two Omni-array Microphones (VPM220)

Wireless MIC VPM220W access

Hybrid with IMS network

Lock Site/Conference

SiteCall (HD dual-stream)

Web-based conference management

Web-based image monitoring and HD picture snapshot

16:9 and 4:3 mixed display

Picture-in-picture: 1/16 picture size, optional position

Split output: Bi-screen and tri-screen display

LDAP/Network address book

API for integration

Digital Caption

Caption banner, body text and information bar

Rolling display mode of the speech draft

Modifiable front background color, caption size, and transparency

64 optional colors

Editable caption and auto zone adjustment

Caption rolling mode setting

Site name display and position shift

Text input through remote control

External character generator

Powerful caption SMS function

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Methods

Remote control: 3D Effects & GUI Animation

Command line mode: Telnet/SSH

Endpoints Network Management: SNMP

Embedded Web server, GUI interface

Wireless touch panel (optional)

Maintenance Functions

Endpoint IP and number are displayed on the front panel

Auto sleep, wake-up by remote control or remote module

Local and remote loopback

Event log record, query, and display, and export query results

IP network test, default settings restoration

Test signals: Providing sound test and standard test stripes

Physical Characteristics

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature: -4°C to 45ºC

Operating Humidity: 10% to 95%

Non-Operating Temperature: -40ºC to 70ºC

Peripheral noise: < 46 dBA SPL

Lowest luminance: 7 lux

Recommended luminance: > 300 lux

Approval and Compliance