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Model: IE-3300-8T2S-E – Cisco Catalyst IE3000 Rugged Switches
Detail: Catalyst IE3300 Rugged Series Modular System, NE

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IE-3300-8T2S-E – Cisco Catalyst IE3000 Rugged Switches in Dubai

The Cisco catalyst IE 3300 Rugged series is a new transformation in Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. IE-3300-8T2S-E is a form factor, compact, and modular switch which is specifically built for several extended industrial and enterprise applications. If your industrial business or Enterprise is in search of advanced switches you should have nothing more than Cisco catalyst IEEE 300 Rugged series.

IE-3300-8T2S-E has all the potential to deliver high speed up to 10 gigabit Ethernet connectivity and that two in a compact form factor these switches are designed modularly while offering the greatest flexibility to expand 26 ports of gigabit ethernet. Additionally, it can also offer flexibility to expand up to 24 ports of gigabit ethernet and two ports of 10 gigabit Ethernet with a wide range of module options. 

IE-3300-8T2S-E is specifically built to withstand the tough environment in transportation, mining, manufacturing, energy, smart cities, oil and gas industries. However, the Rugged series switches are best suited for extended enterprise deployments in various distribution centers of 2 spaces and warehouses.

Why should you buy IE-3300-8T2S-E Switch?

The Rugged series switches run on Cisco IOS XE operating system that has built in security as well as trust and features secure boot and image signing. However, this series can be easily managed with management tools such as Cisco DNA Center and Cisco industrial network director. If you ever wished to make the installation of this series then it can be easily set up with a comprehensive redesigned user-friendly modern GUI tool- WebUI. 

IE-3300-8T2S-E has a robust industrial design and it is specifically built to improve the performance of time and safety of industrial systems as well as equipment. This series offers high-density industrial Power over Ethernet features that help control the overall cost by lowering down the need for wiring distribution panels and circuit breakers. Additionally, this feature helps reduce the equipment needs while promoting less space requirement and reducing heat dissipation. 

Talking about its user-friendly feature, the switch empowers user-friendly GUI- WebUI. With this, you can experience configuration and monitoring while eliminating the need for terminal emulation programs and additional complexities. Not least, but the interface also helps reduce the cost of deployment. 

So if you are looking for cost-effective and efficacious network cisco switch then opt for CISCO RUGGED SERIES. Speaking about IE-3300-8T2S-Eprice, Gearnet Technologies offers these switches at an affordable price. Some relatable products-



IE-3300-8T2S-E Specification

Catalyst IE3300 Rugged Series Modular System, NE

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