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Model: Huawei High Definition Decoder DEC6001-E
Detail: Huawei eSpace DEC6001-E 1-channel 1080P@60fps High Definition Decoder

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DEC6001-E Specification

Audio and video output

Video output through HDMI

1- or 4-channel video output through the HDMI port;
Resolution: 1080p @ 60 Hz, 50 Hz, or 30 Hz, 1080I @ 60 Hz or 50 Hz, 720p @ 60 Hz or 50 Hz, XGA @ 60 Hz, and SXGA @ 60 Hz

Video output through VGA

1- or 4-channel video output through the VGA port;
Resolution: 1080p @ 60 Hz, 720p @ 60 Hz, Extended Graphics Array (XGA) @ 60 Hz, and Super Extended Graphics Array (SXGA) @ 60 Hz

Video output through BNC

1-channel video output through the BNC port;
Resolution:720 x 576 for the Phase Alternating Line (PAL) standard, 720 x 480 for the National Television System Committee (NTSC) standard

Audio output

1-channel audio output through the BNC or HDMI port

Audio and video decoding

Video standard
Video decoding resolution

H.264 High Profile、MJPEG

Video decoding capacity

1-channel 1080P@60fps or 1-channel 1080P@30fps+1- channel D1 or 2-channel 720P(BNC closed) or 8-channel D1(BNC closed)

Screen division

1 or 4

Software Functions

Network protocol


User role

Three options: Super user, Administrator, Common user

Browser External access

Internet Explorer 8 (32-bit Windows XP SP1 or later) SDK secondary development

Common Product Appearance

One-button reset, heartbeat mechanism, stream encryption,and digital watermark

External Ports

Network port

One RJ45 10/100 Mbit/s auto-negotiation Ethernet port

Serial port

One standard RS-485 serial port, One standard RS-232 serial port


Power supply
Power consumption


Operating temperature & humidity

Operating temperature: 5ºC to +50ºC, Storage temperature: 20ºC to +60ºC; < 90% relative humidity (noncondensing)

Net weight


Physical Product Appearances



Bracket Holder ACC8501H (A maximum of eight HD decoders can be inserted. Physical Product Appearances: 442mm×242mm×308mm)