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Cisco ISA550W-BUN3-K9 Firewall

Model: ISA550W-BUN3-K9 Cisco ISA 550 Firewall
Detail: Cisco Integrated Security Appliance 550 with three year comprehensive security subscription



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Choose Cisco NGFW & FirePower Firewalls
Cisco provides ASA5500 NGFW, FirePower firewalls for all-size security needs.

The ISA500 Cisco Small Business ISA500 Security Appliance Series provides small businesses with an all-in-one solution for secure Internet access with comprehensive UTM security backed by Cisco’s superior SIO that’s easy-to-deploy and provides VPN support for mobile and geographically dispersed employees. With its combined zone-based firewall, content security and highly secure access capabilities, the Cisco ISA500 Series stops threats before they enter the network and impact business operations. The Cisco ISA500 Series:

• Provides an all-in-one solution for internet access and security
• Safeguards your business from Internet threats
– Valid business traffic flows; unwelcome visitors locked out
– Web blocking and filtering
– Antivirus
– Antispyware
– Spam limiting
– Antiphishing
– Proactive prevention of intrusions and blockage of dangerous peer-to-peer communications
– Inclusion of Cisco SIO for Unrivalled Threat Protection
• Protection against internal threats and management of access control
• WAN Redundancy
• Secure VPN access
• Highly secure wireless connectivity
• Easy cloud-based or onbox management with Cisco OnPlus and the ISA500 embedded management utility

ISA550W-BUN3-K9 Specification

Firewall: 200 Mbps
VPN: 75 Mbps
Antivirus: 50 Mbps
IPS: 60 Mbps
UTM*: 45 Mbps
Maximum Connections: 15,000


  • IPsec VPN Site-to-Site Tunnels: 25
  • IPsec Remote Access Tunnels: 10
  • SSL VPN Tunnels: 10


  • 7 GE


  • 802.11b/g/n, 2.4 GHZ

* Performance test methodology: Maximum performance based on RFC 2544. All results are aggregate bidirectional. Actual performance may vary depending upon network environment and configurations.

Cisco ISA550W Integrated Security Appliance with a three-year Cisco Small Business Comprehensive Security Services subscription