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Model: C9200L-24T-4X-E – Cisco Switch Catalyst 9200
Detail: Catalyst 9200L 24-port Data 4x10G uplink Switch, Network Essentials, Need to order DNA License
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This switch from Cisco Switch Catalyst 9200 series is capable of simplifying complexity, optimizing IT, and reducing operational costs by leveraging intelligence, automation, and human expertise. On that account, we can say that no other vendor can deliver as consistently as Cisco regardless of where you are in the intent-based networking journey. C9200L-24T-4X-E is the Catalyst 9200L 24-port Data 4x10G uplink Switch, with Network Essentials software. Cisco C9200L-24T-4X-E Catalyst Series switch models are designed for stacking switches as a single virtual switch. Thus enabling customers to have a single management plane and control plane for up to access ports. Also, thanks to the PoE (Power over Ethernet) cable as it carries electrical power to other terminals, saving you the hassle of extra power cables and installations. The product detail below will give you an idea about the switch specification:

C9200L-24T-4X-E Switch Highlights: 

  •   Up to 48 ports of full Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) capability
  •   Resiliency with Field-Replaceable Units (FRU) and redundant power supply, fans, and modular uplinks
  •   Flexible downlink options with data or PoE+
  •   Operational efficiency with optional backplane stacking, supporting stacking bandwidth up to 160 Gbps
  •   UADP 2.0 Mini with integrated CPU offers customers optimized scale with a better cost structure
  •  Enhanced security with AES-128 MACsec encryption, policy-based segmentation, and trustworthy systems
  •   Layer 3 capabilities, including OSPF, EIGRP, IS-IS, RIP, and routed access
  •   Advanced network monitoring using Full Flexible NetFlow
  •   Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access):

◦     Simplified operations and deployment with policy-based automation from edge to cloud-managed with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)

◦     Network assurance and improved resolution time through Cisco DNA Center™

  • Plug and Play (PnP) enabled: A simple, secure, unified, and integrated offering to ease new branch or campus device rollouts or updates to an existing network
  • Cisco IOS XE: A Common Licensing based operating system for the enterprise Cisco Catalyst  9000 product family with support for model-driven programmability and streaming telemetry
  • ASIC with programmable pipeline and micro-engine capabilities, along with the template-based, configurable allocation of Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding, Access Control Lists (ACLs), and Quality of Service (QoS) entries

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C9200L-24T-4X-E Specification

Downlinks total 10/100/1000 or PoE+ copper ports 24 ports data
Uplink configuration 4x 10G fixed uplinks
Default primary AC power supply PWR-C5-125WAC
Fans Fixed redundant
Software Network Essentials
Chassis Dimensions 1.73 x 17.5 x 11.3 in

4.4 x 44.5 x 28.8 cm

Virtual Networks 1
Stacking bandwidth 80 Gbps
Total number of MAC addresses 16,000
Total number of IPv4 routes (ARP plus learned routes) 11,000 (8,000 direct routes and 3,000 indirect routes)
IPv4 routing entries 3,000
IPv6 routing entries 1,500
Multicast routing scale 1,000
QoS scale entries 1,000
ACL scale entries 1,500
Packet buffer per SKU 6 MB buffers for 24- or 48-port Gigabit Ethernet models
Flexible NetFlow (FNF) entries 16,000 flows on 24- and 48-port Gigabit Ethernet models
Flash 4 GB
VLAN IDs 1024
Total Switched Virtual Interfaces (SVIs) 512
Jumbo frames 9198 bytes
Wireless bandwidth per switch N/A
Switching capacity 128 Gbps
Forwarding rate 190.4 Mpps
Mean time between failures (hours) 525,990

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