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C6880-X Datasheet

Original price was: $84,490.00.Current price is: $46,000.00.

Model: Cisco Catalyst Switch C6880-X Datasheet Chassis with fixed configuration
Detail: Cisco Catalyst 6800 switch chassis, 5RU, Super 2TXL Engine, no PS, no Fan Tray

PDF Attachment: C6880-X Datasheet


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Switches are the establishment of most business organizations, and how critical they are for your work environment. Through Cisco Switches, gadgets associated with your organization can speak with each other and furthermore with different organizations effectively, much the same as the Internet. Cisco conveys a far-reaching arrangement of exchanging answers for Enterprise Networks, server farms, and more modest organizations. These arrangements are improved for a wide scope of enterprises, including specialist co-ops, monetary administrations, and the public area. The Cisco Catalyst C6880-X arrangement skeleton offers incorporated versatility by giving N+1 excess fans, 1+1 force supply repetition, and backing for virtual exchanging framework (VSS), in this manner restricting organization vacation, and guarantees labor force efficiency, consumer loyalty, and productivity.

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C6880-X Datasheet Specification

QoS Features and Scalability

Feature C6880-X Datasheet
Layer-3 classification and marking access control entries (ACEs) 256K shared for QoS/Security
Aggregate traffic rate-limiting policers 16,348
Flow-based rate-limiting method; number of rates Per source address, destination address, or full flow; 64 rates
Layer 2 rate limiters 20 ingress/6 egress
MAC ACLs featuring per-port/per VLAN granularity Yes
Distributed policers Yes
Shared uFlow policers Yes
Egress uFlow policers Yes
Packet or byte policers Yes
Per port per VLAN Yes
COS and DSCP based Queue mapping Yes
Deficit Weighted Round Robin Scheduler (DWRR) and Weighted Random Early Detection Scheduler (WRED) Yes
Receive and Transmit Queues Default: 1p7q4t

Configurable: 2p6q4t

Security Features and Scalability

Port security Yes
IEEE 802.1x and 802.1x extensions Yes
VLAN and router ACLs and port ACLs Yes
1:1 mask ratio to ACE values Yes
Security ACL entries 256K shared for QoS/Security
CPU rate limiters (DoS protection) 57
uRPF check (IPv4/IPv6) Up to 16
Number of interfaces with unique ACL 16k
RPF interfaces 16
Private VLANs Yes
MAC ACLs on IP Yes
Layer 2 and Layer 3 Cisco TrustSec

(Security Group Tagging & Security Group Access Control List)

IEEE 802.1ae (MACsec) Layer 2 encryption in hardware Yes
CPU HW rate limiters by PPS or BPS Yes
CoPP for multicast L2 and L3 support
CoPP for exceptions (MTU, TTL) Yes
CoPP exceptions NetFlow support Yes
ACL labels 16K
Port ACL 8K
ACL dry run Yes
Hitless ACL changes Yes

MPLS and Virtualization Features

VSS* Yes
Label imposition/disposition (MPLS-PE), swapping (MPLS‑P) Yes
Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) Yes
VRF Lite Yes
QoS mechanisms using experimental (EXP) bits Yes
MPLS differentiated services (diffserv)-aware traffic engineering (MPLS-DS-TE) Yes
MPLS traceroute Yes
EoMPLS tunnels 16k
IPv4 and IPv6 in IPv6 tunneling Yes
IPv6 in IPv4 tunnelling (Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol [ISATAP], 6to4, GRE Yes
QoS support for uniform, short pipe and pipe mode tunnel Yes
Native VPLS in HW Yes
Native L2 over multipoint GRE Yes
VRF-aware operational contexts Yes
VPN NetFlow support Yes
VPN aware NAT Yes
VRF-lite scalability VLAN reuse per subinterface
Per VPN interface statistics Yes

Netflow and Multicast Features

Netflow support in hardware Yes
Flexible Netflow Yes
Sampled Netflow Yes
Ingress/Egress Netflow Yes
Ingress and Egress replication in hardware Yes
IGMPv3 snooping in hardware Yes
IPv6 MLDv2 snooping in hardware Yes
PIM registers in hardware Yes
Label Switched Multicast (LSM) Yes

Base System Scalability

MAC entries 128K
Routes 2048K (IPv4)

1024K (IPv6)

ACL entries 256K shared for QoS/Security
NetFlow entries 1024K (per module slot)

Up to 5M per system

Multicast routes 128K (IPv4)

128K (IPv6)

IPv4 routing In hardware

Up to 300 Mpps**

IPv6 routing In hardware

Up to 150 Mpps**

L2 bridging In hardware

Up to 300 Mpps**

Jumbo frame support Up to 9216 bytes

(For bridged and routed pkts.)

Bridge domains 16K
MPLS In hardware (up to 8192 VRFs at 300 Mpps**)
Logical interfaces 128K
EtherChannel hash 8 bits
VPLS In hardware (up to 150 Mpps**)
GRE In hardware (up to 150 Mpps**)
NAT Hardware assisted
Onboard memory 4GB
Ingress buffers 1.25MB per 10G port in 2:1 mode

2.5MB per 10G port in 1:1 mode

(10MB per Port ASIC)

Egress buffers 24MB per 10G port in 2:1 mode

48MB per 10G port in 1:1 mode

(192MB per MUX FPGA)

Software Packaging

Software License ●  IP Services

●  Advanced Enterprise Services

Software compatibility 15.1(2)SY1 and later releases*