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14 Years Of Experience

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With Gear Net Technologies, you can centrally organize your Cisco license and device agreements based on your business needs.


As we are associated with Cisco for many years, we provide Cisco Smart Licensing significantly more flexible than any other traditional licensing model.


Our telecom systems provide better visuals, explicit audio, and plug-and-play features for easy configuration at home or business.

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Welcome to Sharjah Police-Approved Gearnet Technologies

Gearnet Technologies is a team of highly talented professionals that deals with all kinds of security systems installations in the UAE. In Sharjah especially we provide CCTV security systems at a very competitive price according to Sharjah police CCTV guidelines. Over the past 11 years, we have been consistently supplying security products and providing security solutions that can benefit each and every form of industry and organization. We understand the importance of security in your business and we try to help you by lowering your existing budget while ensuring that our robust system will never let you down!

Why you should consider Sharjah police-approved CCTV companies?

Sharjah Police has been enforcing its security rules in accordance to maintain the city’s slogan, “Protected City.” Sharjah Police implement its security framework of CCTV operations by addressing certain guidelines which are necessary for CCTV cameras and other security frameworks to be installed in organizations and foundations. The Intelligence Department also directly oversees all CCTV Installation companies in the emirate. Due to this the businesses and people living in the city feel secure and safe. Tough there are many bogus companies selling nonverified CCTV systems in the market, it’s our duty to buy police-approved CCTV cameras to maintain the city security. Furthermore, according to a recent retail study, many small businesses lose close to $50,000 per year as a result of vandalism, break-ins, and other serious crimes, particularly in high-rated areas. By installing Sharjah police-approved CCTVs at strategic locations throughout your businesses can deter such thefts from going ahead with their plans, therefore will lead to a much safer work environment and eventually a safer city.