CCTV Camera Lens Guide

Lens Types Demystified

Explore the CCTV camera lenses, from fixed to varifocal and zoom lenses, understanding their unique advantages in surveillance setups.

Focal Length Matters 

Discover how focal length impacts field of view and image magnification, aiding in selecting the right lens for specific monitoring needs. 

Day & Night Vision Clarity 

Uncover the role of IR-corrected lenses in enhancing low-light and night vision capabilities, ensuring 24/7 surveillance precision without image distortion. 

Aperture & Depth Insights 

Delve into aperture's influence on light intake and depth of field, mastering the art of capturing sharp details while monitoring diverse environments. 

Lens Selection Strategies 

Learn to align camera lens choices with surveillance goals, weather conditions, and site layouts, maximizing security coverage and minimizing blind spots.