8 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Cisco Equipment

Organization's  Networking Requirements

Assessing organization's networking needs is crucial before purchasing Cisco equipment.

Individual Budget

Considering individual budget is essential when purchasing Cisco equipment.

Reputation & Support System of the Vendor

Evaluate vendor's reputation and support system when purchasing Cisco equipment.

Equipment  Compatibility & Future-Proofing Capabilities

Always take compatibility and future-proofing into consideration when buying Cisco equipment.

Power & Efficiency Considerations

Consider power efficiency when evaluating Cisco equipment for purchase.

Organization's Security Infrastructure

Consider how the Cisco hardware you intend to buy will work with the security systems

Support & Warranty Options

Understanding support and warranty options is essential for reducing downtime

Capacities & Security Features

All of Cisco’s product lines come with strong security features , such as Firewalls, VPNs and much more.