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GearNet Technologies is a network specialist firm based Structured Cabling Companies in Dubai. We have provided network architecture of best quality to our clients across UAE.

Gear Net is among the top Structured Cabling in Dubai & also Data Cabling Installation for Etisalat and Du Services. with numerous data cabling installation project for telecom administrations. As a cabling installation, we have wired residential as well as commercial buildings. We have cabled structures according to Etisalat necessities, and we additionally wired structures according to Du’s specifications. Gear Net is an expertly perceived data cabling company. We have a permit from TRA to sell and install voice and data cabling. We are additionally enrolled with both the telecom service provider of UAE – Etisalat and Du. This enrollment gives us access to the online portal of the service providers.

Etisalat’s Guidelines for Data Cabling Installation :

Etisalat’s plan guide determines the wiring engineering for different kinds of structures. The guide likewise characterizes the size and adequate areas for the Main Telecom Room (MTR), and link containment. As per the Etisalat standard, each building or compound of manors ought to have the Main Telecom Room (MTR). Etisalat’s approaching multi- multi-core fibre optic cable should terminate in the MTR. Each unit ought to have a cabling bureau. These cupboards ought to be the focal area associating all the Cat-6 cabling outlets inside that unit. A 2-center single mode drop fibre link should interface the MTR to these indoor wiring cabinets. For tall structures, there ought to be a phone live with fibre circulation cupboard each couple of floors. The decision of phone room’s area is subject to the quantity of units on each floor. The indoor cupboard of every unit should connection to these floor phone rooms by a 2-center drop fibre link. While, the MTR ought to associate with these floor telecom rooms through multi-main element optic cables. Fibre splitters installed in the MTR split the sign and disseminate it over the drop fibre links to every unit. Etisalat additionally determines that all the fibre connector interfaces ought to be SC/APC. Further, it requests mechanical grafting for joining the fibre links to the connectors. Download Etisalat Design Guide for Data Cabling in New Buildings.

applying for cabling approvals.

  • Complete Data Center build-out
  • Backbone installation, wire management
  • Cords & inner-duct tubing
  • Data & voice cable installations Cat 5, 5e, 6, 7 (Fire code approved)
  • Communication room installation (IDF, MDF)
  • Fiber optic cable installation
  • Patch panel installation
  • Re-termination of existing Cat 5, 5e, 6, 7 cabling
  • Office equipment relocation services for modular furniture or open space office equipment racks
  • Network switch installations
  • Complete equipment racking system including ladder racks, wire managers & server shelves
  • Category 5, 5e & 6, 7, RJ 45 data jack installation, surface mount & flush wall plates
  • Remote access to networks
  • Testing, tracking, labeling, and Commissioning of cables
  • Cable Custom Bundling
  • Multi-Pair Voice and Data Cabling
  • Single and Multimode Data Cabling
  • Dry riser installation and services
  • Cabling Repairs and Troubleshooting
  • Deployment of CCTV Cameras
  • Redesigning of existing network
  • Add/Change/Moves
  • Documentation and Testing
  • Maintenance of existing structured cabling systems


  • Phone cabling and programming
  • Data Cabling and networking
  • Redesign Network Cabling and Expand Existing Network
  • Introduce Cable for Voice Over IP and Standard Telephone System
  • Arrangement driven link folks to give onsite solutions.

Guideline of Data Cabling in New Buildings

The UAE government controls voice and data cabling establishment at all new structures. The Governament needs to guarantee that certified structured cabling dubai Companies do the wiring installation. In this manner, to get an exchange permit that grants data cabling installation, you have to get an endorsement from TRA first. The data cabling organizations likewise need to enroll with Etisalat and Du to apply for cabling NOC.UAE government guideline necessitates that data cabling in any new building conforms to the wiring rules of Etisalat or Du. In the event that the structured cabling satisfies the wiring guidelines, occupants can without much of a stretch buy into the telecom administrations of Etisalat/Du. Data cabling company in dubai also ensures delivery of high quality telecom services to the users. Along these lines, the UAE government’s guideline of information structured cabling system brings about a success win result for all gatherings.

Dubai Network Cabling Fibre Optic Technician:-

Gear Net Technologies is the main provider of Cat6 Cables and accessories in Dubai, UAE. Supplies a large number of CABLES to system integrators and re-sellers across GCC. We have various types of cables CAT6, CAT6A and CAT7 like PVC cable, LSZH cables, Outdoor cables, FTP cables, STP cables, SFTP cables etc. Gntme also supplies stock Audio cables, communication cables, speaker cables and etc.in Belden and Paige brands. We have Network cables in Premium brands and Cost effective brand as well in which is Etisalat approved, UV listed, and TRA approved

Our group will give the best arrangement plan to our customers that is the reason we are the most rumoured Cat6 providers in Dubai, we give top quality items. Gear Net is the principle Cat6 Cable wholesaler in Dubai, UAE. We managing the most prominent brands like Belden, Panduit, CommScope, Opterna, Systimax, 3M, Schneider, Norden, Techlogiks, Molex, Hubbell. Cat6 link is accessible for Indoor, Outdoor, LSZH, STP, FTP, and S/FTP purposes. We give quick conveyance and administration.

Structured Cabling Installation:-

  • Wireless network 
  • Audio-Visual Speaker Cabling
  • IP Network Maintenance
  • CCTV Cabling
  • Home Networking
  • Telephonic Cabling
  • Data cabling
  • Fibre Optic technician Dubai

Tags :- CAT6, CAT6A and CAT7 like PVC cable, LSZH cables, Outdoor cables, FTP cables, STP cables, SFTP cables etc. Gntme also supplies stock Audio cables, communication cables, speaker cables and etc. Network Cabling Company in Dubai | Structured Cabling System |List Of Structured Cabling Companies in Dubai

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