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Gear Net Technologies: One of the Trustworthy SIRA Approved Companies in Dubai and apparently the globe has a rising demand for SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency) certified installers. Reliability, as well as effectiveness, are the prime factors that have bought a wide significance for the Government of UAE and for other governments over the world as well. Owing to this, the UAE Government is providing high-level certifications like SIRA all over the UAE.

SIRA is termed as the governmental body that upholds the standards for CCTV security system installations in UAE. Since 2016, it has emerged as an individual agency. However, SIRA certification and its approval empower to carryout standardized security systems installations. It depicts the expertise level and works quality that is involved in the certification. The certification revolves around a couple of concerns:

Who are we?

We, the Gear Net Technologies LLC, are the foremost SIRA approved organizations and are also SIRA certified installers. We are also proudly listed under the SIRA Dubai’ flag. Besides, we are known as a SIRA Approved CCTV Company. Gear Net Technologies LLC has been spearheading with its enriching experience of ten years in the security systems in Dubai, UAE.

For every organization, shop, bank, or institution who aspires to have a secured environment, Gear Net Technologies’ SIRA Certified installers are always at your service! Our installers possess high-quality expertise in CCTV installations and are very much customer-centric. They strive to resolve the customer’s concerns from in and out and delivers best-in-class results.

A recently launched business in Dubai won’t get a license without having an electronic surveillance system. However, SIRA is responsible to release its NOC for a trade license. This process is performed only a SIRA Auditor authorizes the surveillance system that is installed. This is where our customers get benefitted. Our customers get SIRA NOC quickly because we are SIRA certified installers and we love to keep our customer’s trust and goodwill at the peak level.

To learn more about SIRA, let us have a quick look at the following sections.

How SIRA approval is provided?

The Dubai Government has made the approval essential to install the security surveillance system appropriately at the building services. For the building owners who do not obey SIRA standards, they are imposed with penalties according to Dubai government policies. Hence, SIRA certified installers can carry the functionalities in the best possible manner.

The municipal authorities in Dubai take care of whether the CCTV design for installation is approved by SIRA or not. Besides, on an essential basis, the Dubai municipal authority’s question of building completion certificate needs the SIR NOC submission. Hence, it becomes mandatory to get SIRA authorization from SIRA installers in Dubai, UAE.

How CCTV Installation Space has evolved in these years?

The technological advancements have experienced tremendous growth in recent years. The automation in the vehicles has paved its own way to remote surveillance opportunities in the field of security. Various business activities such as kinetic mapping, queue recognition, gender recognition, and many more advancements have kept the newly invented technologies abreast of the industry trends. Also, security storages have also become vast with cutting-edge technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things). This way, concerned data can be easily transferred from one device to another. With the IoT implementation, remote monitoring and interconnected devices management come with the greatest advantage. 

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