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CAB-XPS-58CM - Gear Net Technologies LLC

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Model: CAB-XPS-58CM Cisco Catalyst 3560-X eXpandable Power System
Detail: Cisco Catalyst 3560-X Series eXpandable Power System (XPS) CAB-XPS-58CM XPS Cable 58 CM Spare
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CAB-XPS-58CM Specification

Type Power cable
Length 2 ft
Compatibility Information
Designed For Cisco Catalyst 3560X-24P-L, 3560X-24P-S, 3560X-24T-L, 3560X-24T-S, 3560X-48PF-L, 3560X-48PF-S, 3560X-48P-L, 3560X-48P-S, 3560X-48T-L, 3560X-48T-S, 3750X-12S-E, 3750X-12S-S, 3750X-24P-L, 3750X-24P-S, 3750X-24S-E, 3750X-24S-S, 3750X-24T-L, 3750X-24T-S, 3750X-48PF-L, 3750X-48PF-S, 3750X-48P-L, 3750X-48P-S, 3750X-48T-L, 3750X-48T-S


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