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A web portal is different from a website. The website is open for all. The information is free for everyone to view and read.  Website’s purpose is to provide information about a company and conduct sales transactions.

A web portal is created to limit the access to only a group of users. Personal login is required to use the web portal. A website is used as a marketing tool but a web portal is used only for communication purposes.

Portal is useful when a group of people who share common interests wants to exchange information easily.

Only the members can view the information in the web portal. Web portals are capable of displaying different information to different users.

The flow of communication is smooth and efficient in a web portal.

GearNet Technologies provide web portal solutions to clients. Only portal members can see the content using a web portal. There are different types of portals that are built for different purposes. Corporate portals are meant to facilitate communication between the internal management of the company.

Other types of portals are public web portals, enterprise web portals, knowledge portals, etc.

We make portals that are totally safe and secure. We specifically understand the requirements of each type of portal and develop accordingly.

There are horizontal web portals and vertical web portals. Vertical portals are limited to just a particular niche whereas horizontal web portals cater to the needs of a large number of users.

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