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What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is building awareness of products and services by promoting it on social media platforms. Successful online life promoting is about significantly more than simply posting. Understanding legitimate enhancement of informal organizations is a nuanced and fragile thing. What works for one brand may not be best for your image… Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube are widely used social media platforms. Companies can decide on what platform they want to advertise.

A successful social media campaign can easily build a fan base and earn profits for your business. Social media campaigns are done either to create brand awareness or to increase the brand recall.

Start-ups do social media campaigns to create awareness. Firmly established companies do such campaigns to remind the audience that they exist in the market.

Gearnet Technologies is a leading digital agency in Dubai provide digital marketing services

How is social media useful?

Social media is less expensive.

We can target an audience based on demographics and interests.

Social media allows two-way interaction.

Easy to use and quick results.

How do we help you?

First, we suggest the social media platforms that your company should invest in. It depends on what line you are dealing in. Food and beverages, the e-commerce sector, education, health or any other business line.

What is the objective of the campaign? Who should be targeted? We have answers to these questions.

We decide specific themes on the basis of which campaigns need to be created. Our team decides whether the posts should be relevant or have a serious tone.

We craft contests, quiz and other engaging posts that ensure audience participation.

After finalizing the plan and seeking approval from clients, we actually start posting to social media accounts.

We monitor the performance of the campaign and analyze the feedback of the audience.

Our team immediately takes corrective measures if the campaign is not working as expected.

Gearnet Technologies is one of the Top social media marketing companies in UAE & Dubai that offers expert advice regarding marketing campaigns.

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