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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is bringing your website or blog on the top position in search results page through various tactics.

We are a successful SEO Company Dubai that knows how to improve rankings of your web page.

How do search engines work?

When the user enters queries, search engines crawl and index various web pages that match the search queries. After going through the web pages, the search engine algorithm checks the relevancy of the web pages and displays the web page that is most relevant on the top followed by less relevant and poor quality pages at the bottom.

SEO is done to increase the organic rankings of your website on search engine results page.

We do on page and off page activities for your web page. This includes link building. On page includes optimizing the Meta title tag and Meta description. Majority of the people depend on Google search results for all queries. We research on the algorithm of Google and Bing (most preferred search engines by users) to understand what ranking factors are taken into consideration. This means promoting your website content outside.

How is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) useful for business?

  • SEO improves search engine rankings.
  • Brand awareness
  • Less expensive compared to Search Engine Marketing.
  • Increased traffic
  • Higher return on investment
  • Stay ahead of competitors
  • Increased lead generation
  • More lead conversion rates
  • People trust search engines
  • Higher click rates
  • Small businesses can easily use it.

How we do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

As a leading SEO agency, we know how to boost your rankings. It is important to have an organic reach of your pages.

First, we select the keywords that are relevant to your business. Then we include those keywords smartly into your content. Keyword stuffing will lead search engines to impose a penalty.

We write effective Meta title and description to help search engines know what your website is all about.

We acquire quality backlinks so that the credibility of your website increases. The URL of the website should be short and relate with the content of the respective web page. We optimize your website URL.

The loading speed of the website also matters a lot. We see to it that your website doesn’t take too much time to load that will result in losing some valuable customers.

SEO strategies differ from region to region. Mumbai based company will have a different SEO strategy compared to a Dubai based company.

GearNet Technologies has implemented different strategies and handled crisis situations tactfully. We have perfect knowledge of marketing techniques that will gradually take your rankings and your business upwards.

 Looking for SEO strategies? We can help.

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