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Pay per click – Pay when clicked!

This type of advertising is also called Search Engine Marketing. When people initiate a query, a list of results come up. Sometimes the top results have the word ‘Ad’ written below it. If the user clicks on the ad, the advertiser has to pay.

GearNet Technologies is a professional PPC management company in Dubai.

How do we help?

We offer PPC ad services to different types of clients and businesses.

A successful PPC campaign is possible only when you make the ad attractive.

Keywords research :

We research the keywords based on the business type.

Then select the keywords that are most relevant. These keywords would be used in the ad text.

The quality of the landing page :

The page that the users are directed to when the ad is clicked is important. The landing page should be clear with contact form and call to action.

Performance of the ad campaign :

The overall quality of the ad depends on the relevancy of keywords, landing pages, the message conveyed etc.

The PPC marketing campaign strategy should be made well in advance. At GearNet Technologies, we make strategies before starting any campaign.

Our team goes as per the marketing plan decided by strategists and approved by the client.

Benefits of PPC campaign

Cost-effectiveness: There is no need to spend money if the ad is not clicked by the user.

Tracking of results: We can actually measure how many leads converted by clicking the advertisement.

Targeted marketing: Ad is displayed only when target audience types relevant keywords.

Customized options:  Make changes to the advertisement to increase the click-through rates.

Brand visibility :

When the ad gets displayed on the search engines, the visibility of the brand increases. Even if people don’t click the ad, people will at least notice the name which will help your business in the future.

Pay per click ads is widely used by businesses especially start-ups to generate brand awareness. It is a feasible option if you have an intelligent team who can make the best PPC campaign. Leads are generated at a faster rate. Conversions also take place faster.

Looking for PPC solutions? GearNet Technologies will help.


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