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Get a hybrid, native and cross-platform mobile applications from GearNet Technologies.

Mobile applications are built to run on mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet.

There are different types of mobile devices like web-based apps, native and hybrid apps. Apps are built to perform a specific task. For example, a gaming app’s function is to help user play games without any trouble. Likewise, a language app provides with the option to type the language of any choice.

The features of a good mobile app are:

User interface :

The User Interface (UI) of the app should allow easy navigation within the app to users.

Loading time :

Once the user clicks on the app, it should be ready for use within seconds. The loading time should be less otherwise the user will straight away abandon the application.

Updates :

Any app cannot remain the same way for a long time. Update the app with new interesting features. Give something new to the users, then only businesses can maintain the customer base. Otherwise, will slowly start losing users for your app within months of initial launching.

The benefits of having a mobile app:

  • Increased brand visibility
  • Easy to access information
  • Higher customer engagement
  • Better browsing alternative
  • The custom mobile app gives more flexibility and features

How we build mobile applications for businesses?

We are one of the finest Mobile App Development Company In Dubai.

Our development team follows a step by step process in building mobile apps.

Initial stage involves requirement analysis. We understand the clients’ problems. What goal does the client wish to achieve through the mobile app? After a thorough study of the client requirements, we proceed with planning a strategy.

The second stage comprises of actual mobile design and development.

We use PHP, Net, Java to build mobile applications. We will integrate different options like live chat, loyalty programs for customers, payment system, social features etc. to the mobile app.

In the third stage, we seek the client’s approval for the visual aspect of the mobile app and test the application before the official launch.

After testing the application, the app is released officially.

The next stage is the most important. After the app is launched on how to increase the number of users for your app? We do mobile app marketing activities for you. App store optimization is done to make the apps visible on the top. This will increase the click rates and traffic.

Develop mobile applications for all platforms. Our experts will help.


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