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Email marketing is sending out emails to the audience with the purpose of informing, creating brand awareness and generating leads.

There are different types of emails:

Newsletters :

These usually contain any new updates or information about the company.

Standalone emails :

These emails are sent to make people take a call to action immediately. For example: Buy the product, sign up now. The content would be precise and highly specific.

Lead nurturing :

Lead nurturing emails are designed to create leads. Related emails are sent at regular intervals to convert leads into customers.

Transactional :

Once you have a transaction with the customer, you send transactional emails.

Milestone emails :

Your customer’s date of subscribing, his/her birthday, company’s anniversary – such occasions offer golden opportunities to target the audience.

Why choose us?

We segment the target audience according to demographics and psychographics.  Our marketing team knows how and when the emails should be sent.

We offer a combination of above-mentioned emails to our clients. There are several things that need attention to have a successful email marketing.

Firstly, the email should not land in the spam box. Even inbox messages are sometimes ignored by people, forget about looking into the spam box.

We have content writing team who write content that is hard to ignore. Emails are sent not just to sell products and services. A long-term relationship can be built with the customers. This will prove useful during the time of pitch.

Analytics is also crucial. Which type of email is getting a positive response and which one is not doing well – we examine everything carefully.

GearNet technologies have been engaged in delivering email marketing services for a long time. We include a high degree of personalization to the emails.

Don’t have enough customers? Try Email Marketing!


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