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E-commerce website solutions for your business.

What is an e-commerce website?

An e-commerce website is an online platform used to conduct sale and purchase transactions. People add items to a virtual shopping cart and the payment is made online or cash on delivery depending on the company you are dealing with.

How do we help you?

GearNet Technologies is the leading e-commerce website designing company in Dubai. We are industry experts in making high-class innovative websites and have proved ourselves in the past.

We help you build attractive and creative websites. An e-commerce website should be created carefully since sale happens through these sites.

One minor error can cause you to lose customers.

We build e-commerce websites keeping the following in mind:

Great visuals and relevant content :

The content should be written in simple language. The motive of having such a site is to facilitate quick sales. During the e-commerce web design, we take care of the visual appeal of the website.

Product photographs :

The product photographs should be placed appropriately. The product description needs to be clear.

User experience :

The user experience of e-commerce websites matters a lot. It acts as an online store for your customers. The website should be no doubt made extremely user-friendly.

Placement of Call to action buttons :

Call to action buttons like ‘Add to cart’, ‘Pay now’ should be clearly visible. We make a compelling call to action buttons so that the audience is persuaded to shop online.

Search engine optimized code and layout :

The layout of the website is optimized to enable search engines to notice your website and include it among the top results on the SERP.

Easy pay options :

The payment system should be secure. Breach of data should not happen at any cost.

Benefits of e-commerce website

  • No geographical limitations
  • Easy comparison
  • Get new customers with search engine optimization
  • Available 24/7
  • Less costly

The e-commerce website design and development process

We identify the product or service you are selling. Then do in-depth competitor analysis. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your company are studied to bring the best output.

Secondly, our e-commerce website development team will suggest the best platform for your e-commerce website. Good backend support, responsiveness, and many other factors are taken into consideration.

In the next stage, we choose an e-commerce website hosting platform for you. We look into speed, support, and security at this stage.

In the final stage, the website is tested before launching. This is done to check whether the website performance is as per the client expectations.

After testing, the errors, if any, are corrected and the final version is officially made available for customers to use.

The online business is booming and the competition is getting more difficult. A fast and secure website is one of the ways to ensure that you stay well ahead of the competition.

Want a professional e-commerce website? You are at the right place.


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