Public Address System

Public address System is used to increase the sound level of speech or music so that it is heard throughout a large area. PAS consists of electrical equipment like microphonesamplifiers, and loudspeakers. These together help in bringing the output.

The sound is first converted into an electrical signal with a microphone. A microphone has a diaphragm attached to a coil which vibrates according to the sound. The coil is placed in a strong magnetic field. The relative motion of the coil in the magnetic field will result in electromagnetic induction. Thus an equivalent electrical signal of the sound is generated. But this signal is too feeble to drive a loudspeaker. So the electrical signal is fed to an amplifier to improve the strength of the signal. A loudspeaker is an electromechanical device which is designed to convert the electrical audio signal to corresponding sound waves. The amplified audio signal is fed to the voice coil which is situated in a strong magnetic field of a permanent magnet. Voice coil is so placed that it can easily move in the magnetic field according to the applied audio signal. Voice coil is attached to a diaphragm which vibrates along with a voice coil to reproduce the original sound waves.

These systems are used in places where large public gathering takes place and the sound need to be clearly audible to everyone present.

The quality of the Public Address System depends largely on the preamplifiers and/or signal routers, amplifiers, control and monitoring equipment used.

PA systems are used in amusement parks, zoos, hotels, schools, shopping centers, restaurants, airports, stations, office buildings, shopping centers, chain stores, supermarkets etc.

It is also used to play background music in wellness and fitness centers, restaurants, and hotels.

GearNet Technologies is the Public Address Systems manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in Dubai.  We also give a portable public address system with wireless microphone. These type of PA systems are now preferred by a large number of people for convenience. Because they are easy to set up.

You can trust our products as we provide systems that have modular add-ons, extended battery life, better sound quality, and durability.

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GearNet Technologies IP Public Address system has been designed for use across various market applications that require communication with the masses.


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