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A projector is a device that is used to project rays of light, especially an apparatus with a system of lenses for projecting slides or film on to a screen.

Projectors are used in corporate meetings, educational institutes, concerts, home theatres.

A projector requires you to have some type of screen or surface to display the image.

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There are two kinds of projection – front projection and back projection. Cine projectors make use of front projection. The projector throws light from behind the audience and the image or video is played on the screen.

Multimedia projectors are now widely used in schools and colleges. Lectures are being conducted with the help of presentations displayed through projectors.

CRT projectors, LCD projectors, DLP projectors are the different types of projectors. These projectors are largely preferred by colleges and businesses.

CRT projectors are huge and heavy but give great picture quality.

LCD projectors are portable and suitable for home use. They are less expensive.

DLP or Digital Light Processing projectors use microscopic mirrors. This technology can be found in high-end home theatre systems, office projectors, a large auditorium, and digital movie theatres.

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