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WS-C2960S-F48FPS-L Datasheet


Model: Cisco Catalyst WS-C2960S-F48FPS-L Datasheet, 2960SF series
Detail: Cisco catalyst WS-C2960S-F48FPS-L Datasheet, 48 FastEthernet 10/100, 4 SFP GE uplinks, Flexstack, 802.011af/at POE/POE+, LAN base managable

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Buying Cisco WS-C2960S-F48FPS-L Datasheet Switches for Gear Net Technologies will be a magnificent method to give your office organization, an increase in speed and execution that likewise at an extraordinarily low cost.

While constructing any sort of office, the most fundamental piece of gear you will require is Switch. Likewise, there is just one organization you will hear nowadays that produces a-list switches… and that is Cisco! Cisco produces switches for each area and necessity, from Cisco Switches for both Access and Compact Campus LAN Switches to Cisco Nexus Series switches server farms.

Cisco WS-C2960S-F48FPS-L Datasheet Switch on to the universe of systems administration with the Cisco Catalyst 48-port systems administration switch. This switch permits you to interface every one of your PCs to your workers and printers at up to 1 Gbps on account of the 48 10/100/1000BASE-T ports. Likewise, you can interface up to 740 W of gadgets straightforwardly to these ports politeness of the Power over Ethernet standard. Use network surveillance cameras and key cards to get your structure and register who’s traveling every which way, and add organizing all through your business with remote passageways that are controlled solely by means of Ethernet power/information links. This Cisco WWS-C2960S-F48FPS-L Datasheet Datasheet Catalyst 48-port systems administration switch likewise has four SFP uplinks so you can associate with bigger organizations from your own or just extend the size of your LAN by interfacing with different switches and stacking them. Shield your organization from security issues on account of the assortment of strategy implementation alternatives, access control, and personality-based security approaches. Likewise, you can utilize a private VLAN to confine traffic under conditions, and use SSH, Kerberos, and Simple Network Management Protocol variant 3 to encode overseer traffic for extra security.

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Performance and Scalability Numbers for All Switch Models
Forwarding bandwidth 88 Gbps
Switching bandwidth* 176 Gbps
Flash memory 64 MB
Memory DRAM 128 MB
Max VLANs 255
VLAN IDs 4000
Maximum transmission unit (MTU) 9198 bytes
Jumbo frames 9216 bytes
Resource Default QoS Dual
Unicast MAC addresses 8000 8000 8000
IPv4 IGMP groups 255 255 255
IPv4 MAC QoS access control entries (ACEs) 128 384
IPv4 MAC security ACEs 384 256

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