Face Recognition Time Attendance :

♦ Secureye S-3GB600C Cloud based Time Attendance
♦ Access data in real-time from any computer with Internet access
♦ 3 inch TFT LCD
♦ No need to install, maintain or upgrade software
♦ No expensive computers to purchase or maintain
♦ 3G Supported
♦ Warranty: 1 Year


Brand Secureye
Model S-3GB600C
Type cloud based time and attendance
CPU 32bit CPU
Camera Taking photos realtime
Fingerprint Sensor Optical Sensor (600 dpi)
Backup Battery Optional
LCD 3 inch TFT LCD
LED 2(red,green)
Keyboard 16 keys
Communication interface USB/RS485(option) TCPIP (10/100Mbps, option)
3G/2G/GPRS Supported
Output ports Wiegand26 output, two Relay output(lock, alarm)
Input port Wiegand26/34 input, Door sensor input
Voice output Yes
Operating Voltage DC 9V
Humidity(RH) 20% ~ 80%
Temperature -10 degrees to +60 degrees
Fingerprint capacity 1000s
Card capacity 1000
Password capacity 1000
User log/ Management log 100000/10000
Identify mode FP,RF Card, Password and combinations
Access Control(optional) Define Access Timezone, Lock Release Time, Anti-passback
USB disk up/download Yes
Attendance log search Yes
FAR/ FRR 0.00001/ 0.01(%)
Matching speed Less than 1s
Allowable finger rotation 360°(all direction)
Auto adaptation function Yes
FP identification mode 1:N,1:1
Warranty 1 Year


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