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Model: PWR-C45-6000ACV Cisco Catalyst 4500 PoE Enabled Power Supply
Detail: Cisco Catalyst 4500 Power Supply PWR-C45-6000ACV Catalyst 4500 6000W AC dual input Power Supply (Data + PoE)

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PWR-C45-6000ACV Specification

AC-input type

Autoranging inputs with power factor correction

Note Power factor correction is a standard feature on all Catalyst 4500 E-series AC-input power supplies. PFC reduces the reactive component in the source AC current allowing higher power factors (typically 99 percent or better) and lower harmonic current components.

AC-input voltage

Low-line (120 VAC nominal)—85 VAC (min) to 132 VAC (max)

High-line (230 VAC nominal)—170 VAC (min) to 264 VAC (max)

AC-input current

12 A (max) @ 120 VAC (for each input)

16 A (max) @ 230 VAC (for each input)

AC-input frequency

50/60 Hz (nominal) (±3% for full range)

Power supply output

Total output depends on the number of inputs connected and the source AC voltage. If two inputs are used, they should both be of the same AC voltage.

1050 W operation (with one 120 VAC nominal input)

– 70.8 A @ 12 VDC (data only)

– 12.5 A @ 3.3 VDC (data only)

– 18.4 A @ –50 VDC (PoE if used)

2100 W operation (with two 120 VAC nominal inputs)

– 141.6 A @ 12 VDC (data only)

– 12.5 A @ 3.3 VDC (data only)

– 37.0 A @ –50 VDC (PoE if used)

3000 W operation (with one 230 VAC nominal input)

– 183.3 A @ 12 VDC (data only)

– 12.5 A @ 3.3 VDC (data only)

– 48 A @ –50 VDC (PoE if used)

6000 W operation (with two 230 VAC nominal inputs)

– 183.3 A @ 12 VDC (data only)

– 12.5 A @ 3.3 VDC (data only)

– 96 A @ –50 VDC (PoE if used)

Power supply output capacity

6000 W maximum

Output holdup time

20 ms minimum

kVA rating5

6.8 kVA (power factor = 0.99)

Heat dissipation

2,720 BTUs/hr (approx.)

Minimum software requirement

Cisco IOS Release 12.2(52)SG

Power over Ethernet

Supported, up to 4800 W

LEDs and Meanings


Green—Source AC voltage is OK. (Input voltage is 85 VAC or greater.)

Off—Source AC voltage falls below 70 VAC, is not present, or the power supply is turned off.


Green—Power supply fan is operating properly.

Off—Power supply fan failure is detected.


Red—Problem with one or more of the DC-output voltages of the power supply is detected.

Off—DC-output voltage with acceptable margins.

Note For proper operation of the OUTPUT FAIL LED, systems with single power supplies must be configured with a minimum of one fan tray assembly and one supervisor engine. Systems with dual power supplies must have a minimum configuration of one fan tray assembly, one supervisor engine, and one additional module. Failure to meet these minimum configuration requirements can cause a false power supply output fail signal.

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