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Samsung SWA-4000 Wireless Rear Stereo Amplifier

Samsung SWA-4000 Overview

The Samsung SWA-4000 Wireless Rear Stereo Amplifier is an ingenious product that offers the ability to establish rear surround sound audio to your home theater system without making unnecessary holes in your walls or floors. This kit eliminates the need to run messy wiring from the back of your receiver to the rear speakers located across the room. It’s compatible with Samsung HT-Z and HT-TZ wireless ready home theater receivers.

It features Digital Wireless Technology capable of transmitting and receiving crystal clear audio signals. Just insert the TX card (digital transmitter) into your (compatible) home theater unit, and connect two rear speakers to the 2-channel 170W amplifier, it’s that simple. If you want to surround yourself with sound – not wires – with a unified, stylish, and easy-to-set-up wireless speaker kit, look no further. You won’t find a better solution than the Samsung SWA-4000.


Powerful Amplification

This 2-channel (170W x2) amplifier/receiver is capable of reproducing an enveloping rear-channel surround sound experience.


It offers the flexibility to place and then easily arrange the rear surround speakers.

Compatible  Technology

This system can easily integrate into Samsung’s wireless ready HT-Z and HT-TZ home theater systems.

Dependable Wireless Technology

It offers a powerful 5.8GHz frequency capable of transmitting/receiving noise-free audio from your receiver.
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