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Samsung LED Display Screen LH025ILENAS/EN


Indoor ILE Series P2.5e

Engage Customers through a Seamless Viewing Experience and Flexible, Large-Scale ScreenAchieve a Life-Like Visual Presentation through Enhanced Picture and Video QualityAlign your Display Colour and Brightness through Advanced Factory and Field Calibration


Samsung’s SMART LED signage offers businesses the flexibility to expand and align screen composition scale with their promotional needs – all while creating a seamless viewing experience. Without sacrificing presentational performance, the display’s unique cabinet-based format allows businesses to expand screen size by adding LED signage cabinets. Each newly-added cabinet maintains the display’s low pixel pitch (distance between pixels) of 2.5 mm, which confines diodes to a tighter arrangement for a higher resolution picture. When combined with a bezel-free design, this distinctive low pixel pitch enables Samsung’s LED signage to display uniform images continuously without distraction for immersive viewing and impactful messaging.

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