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LBS Series Outdoor

Outdoor LED Display

LBS Series

The LBS series comes in various forms for different types of outdoor venue applications. Designed and built to provide robust quality and leading performance, the LBS Series is the ideal solution for outdoor LED displays


Outstanding Image Quality

• Eye pleasing super natural color representation
• Clean-cut color and brightness uniformity
• 16 bit color processing

Easy Installation & Service

• Large unit case size for quick & easy installation (LBS160VA1, 200VA1)
• Unit case is designed to accommodate clean cable connection
• Automatic LED module calibration after replacement
• IP65 (front) for robust weatherproof

Various Forms for Optimal Applications

• SMD models: Various outdoor arenas
• Oval models: Outdoor arenas requiring very high brightness
• Virtual Oval models: For high brightness & cost efficiency
• Ribbon (Fascia) models: Sports arenas
• Perimeter models: Sports arenas


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