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LAS Series(Indoor)

Indoor LED Display

LAS Series

The LAS Series are versatile mainstream indoor LED models for various indoor applications. They include fine-pitch models with high resolution and quiet operation, standard-pitch models designed for various venues, and high-brightness models for larger sized spaces.


Fine-pitch model

LAS012DB2-F (1.26mm) / LAS015DB2-F (1.58mm) / LAS018DB2-F (1.89mm) / LAS025DB2-F (2.50mm)
• Compact 19.5” (400mm x 300m) LED unit case for any video wall size or configuration, including concave-curved installations
• 16:9 aspect ratio design optimized for Full HD content
• Crisp, high contrast image with wide viewing angle
• Fanless design for low-noise environments.

Standard model

LAS040DB4DF (4.0 mm) / LAS040DB4 (4.0 mm) / LAS060DB4DF (6.0 mm) / LAS060DB4 (6.0mm)
• Front service design for convenient service (rear optional)
• Fan-less operation
• Durable quality providing 24×7 operation

High Brightness model

LAS040DA3D (4.0mm) / LAS060DA3D (6.0mm) / LAS100DA3D (10.00mm)
• High brightness of 2,000 nit for larger indoor spaces
• 16 bit color processing for natural color representation.
• Front service design (rear optional)

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