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LAP Series(Indoor)

Direct View Finepitch Indoor LED

LAP Series

The LAP Series is the latest and most innovative indoor LED offering from LG, delivering stunning images that can engage and inform your audience. The three available model options, all with a high pixel density, showcase LG’s dedication to precision engineering.

Direct View LED is an individual module, sold in packages of 2 x 2. You can combine these modules to create large Direct View LED video walls/arrays.


Stunning Image Quality

• High brightness (1,000 / 1,200 nit) for immersive vibrant images
• Super contrast ratio (6,000:1) for clear visibility
• LG unique ‘Dynamic Contrast Algorithm’ for stunning vividness

Power Efficient Design

•   LG’s unique power module design is built to provide high luminance with efficient power consumption
•  LG’s unique power saving algorithm assists with extended power savings

Advanced Auto Module Protection

• Monitor & control system temperature for reliable performance and longevity

Super Convenient Operation & Maintenance

•  Web-based operating software is accessible via the web, and includes the ability to set up real-time email alerts
•  Media player and scaler with an embedded LED controller helps simplify system setup

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