Wired Desktop 200 Keyboard

Quick set up on a reliable desktop

Out of the box and onto your system, this affordable desktop sets up in an instant, with no software necessary. Plus, it has the features you need, such as quiet touch keys, and a Windows® Start button. When you want to kick back, simply adjust the height of the keyboard and type comfortably. Life should be this simple.


Wired reliability

Designed for trouble-free performance, eliminating the worry of battery life.

Windows start screen key

Simply press the Windows start screen key to view your apps and start screen.

Comfort for right or left hand

Get a grip with a comfortable design created for either hand.

Quick and precise navigation

Scroll wheel and Microsoft Optical Technology let you move quickly and accurately through documents.

Taskbar favourites

Easily access programs in the taskbar with convenient keyboard hot keys. The keys automatically adapt to the new location of applications that have been rearranged by dragging.

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