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GearNet Technologies has been dealing in printers since its inception.  We are the leading printers suppliers in Dubai to businesses as well as individual consumers.

We provide Dot matrix, Deskjet, Colour laser printers and Plotters. Characters per second, lines per minute or pages per minute.

The printer takes the information from your screen and transfers it to paper or hardcopy. The speed of the printer is measured in

Dot matrix printers: These printers are especially useful when you have to print multiple copies of text at the same time. These print from right to the left and left to the right. We are the best dot-matrix printer dealers in Dubai.

Deskjet printers: Deskjet is the name given by HP to its inkjet printers. They can print at least 3 pages per minute. Deskjet printers have resolutions from 600 X 600 DPI to 2400 X 2400 DPI. We are the HP printer dealers in Dubai.

Printer Suppliers In Dubai | Line Printers, Laser Printer, Dot-Matrix Printer, Chain Printers, 2D Printer & 3D Printers

Color laser printers: They can print faster than the inkjet printers. Less maintenance is required for these printers.

Plotters: Plotter printers use pen, pencil, or marker to produce images. The plotter can be used to print on materials like plastic, plywood, cardboard, aluminum etc. Engineering and construction industries make heavy use of such printers.

We have several options and businesses can choose their preferred one.

Being one of the Best printer Suppliers in UAE, we also guide you regarding the best type of printer that will fulfill all the needs and requirements. All you have to tell is the purpose of purchase and we will give you valuable tips about the advantages of each type of printers.

We don’t just sell printers, we also guide you with the right opinion.

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