Multi Display Video Walls

Setting up a large projector is often not the most feasible solution. Also, the overall picture quality drops if the display is stretched beyond a certain point. In such a scenario, a Video Wall is used.

A Video Wall is a multi-screen setup that comprises multiple computer monitors or television screens tiled together contiguously in order to form one unified large screen. The TV wall, display wall, data wall, and media wall are all synonyms for a Video Wall.

Typically, multiple display devices consisting of LCD panels, LED panels or rear projection cubes (DLP cubes) are aligned together in a way it creates a single logical screen (Video Wall), on which a video, image or any other digital content can be displayed in a presentation format.

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The Multi-Media Server helps in combining multiple LCD displays to produce one large video wall. The Media Server receives and displays the images or video content on any size LCD monitor with a selectable display mode, and also supports various hi-resolutions depending on the model. These Multimedia Servers are compatible with any brand of the LCD monitor and suitable for large display applications in advertising, medical imaging, simulation, flight radar, gaming, shopping centers, public gathering locations, fairs and exhibitions, music events, etc.

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