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Cisco products and serviecs



Also, we are the leading dealer for CISCO Modules & Services:

1. Transceiver Modules & its Support 6. 100 Gigabit Modules
2. Network Modules 7. Catalyst 6500 Series ASA Service module
3. APICE Modules 8. Catalyst7600 Series ASA Services Module
4. VSM & VSE Modules
5. ASA FirePower Modules
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We supply Cisco network & security products that list:

Cisco Router, Cisco Switch, Firewalls, SFP Module, Catalyst 2960,  Cisco 2600, Cisco Phone Systems, Cisco IP Phone, Cisco IP PBX Products, Cisco VOIP Phone, Cisco Modules & Cards in UAE & Middle East.

Gear Net Technologies provides a wide-ranging CISCO Switch Products:-

1. Blade Switch 7. Campus LAN Switches- Access
2. Campus LAN Switches- Core & Distribution 8. Campus LAN Switches- Digital Building
3. LAN Switch- Small Business 9. Service Provider Switches- Aggregation
4. Service Provider Switches- Ethernet Access 10. Data Center Switches
5. Energy & Asset Management
6. MGX Switches

Our CISCO Router Products & Services are:

1. Network Convergence System 500 Series Routers 4. Cloud Services Router 1000V Series
2. Network Convergence System Support 5.  ASR 5000 Series
3. 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers 6.  800 Series Routers

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